Welcome to United 21 Grasslands - Kaziranga , Kaziranga , India

United 21 Grasslands - Kaziranga

United 21 Grass Land is located at Grass Land, Harmoti, Bagori range. There are many places in and around the resort that visitors can visit. The Burhi Mai Than (Approx. 2km) and the Borbeel Lake (Approx. 8km) are some of the places that can be visited from the resort. Explore the city by visiting tea gardens, Gohpur and Kaziranga National Park. Guests must visit Kaziranga National Park for a memorable experience. The park hosts two-thirds of the world's Great One-horned Rhinoceroses and also holds the record for protecting the highest density of tigers in the world.

Distance from Furkating Junction: Approx. 84km

Distance from Tezpur Airport: 74km




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